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We are a spiritual, metaphysical, mystical community dedicated to spiritual enlightenment and unconditional love through spiritual practice, education, worship, celebration, and fellowship. We invite people to join us in Sunday Celebrations designed to support and nurture soul, body, mind and spirit. Our Inner Light Institute offers courses in metaphysics, meditation, and spiritual mind-healing; all within a safe, supportive environment. We honor and incorporate world spiritual teachings from all faiths, including the Divine Feminine and the “Mysteries.” We promote higher awareness, personal empowerment, self-actualization, self-responsibility and transformation. We welcome all persons regardless of religious beliefs, race, gender, or sexual orientation.

Please Plan to join us each Sunday to enjoy the love and support of community gatherings, the inspiration of Sunday Celebrations, the opportunities for spiritual growth in classes, and the wonderment of being in this co-creative field of Love.


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